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Keep property | about us

About Us

Keep Property is a leading property management company. Our aim is to KEEP select real estates in prime condition by executing effective property management procedures and providing excellent quality workmanship.

A superior commercial or residential building must be kept highly presentabe if it’s to maintain a first-rate image. This helps to retain a property’s value, ensures its safety, and the well being of its occupants.

Keep Property was established in 2012 as a property and management company. Since conception, it has undertaken numerous projects, both commercial and residential, delivering quality results every time due to its dedication and detail oriented nature.
We provide a comprehensive range of services, which include but are not limited to:
  • Private & Luxury residential high rise buildings
  • Commercial entities, complexes & compounds
  • Internationally renowned hotel chains
  • Private apartments
  • Hospitals
We are committed to providing:
Professional advice and consultancy in all areas- Expert workmanship- Through energy audits - A distinctive, tailored service at competitve prices- An immediate response to emergency issues- Coordinated committee meetings-insurance consultancy services.
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